“The Smart Difference”

Searching for the best restaurant, finding a local business and looking for public transit is already part of the dialog you can have with netpeople, but the conversation doesn’t stop there. netpeople opens up mobile technology and gives it the potential to embrace innovation – like utilizing a smartphone while it sits in your pocket. netpeople takes big ideas and makes them a reality.
Mobile Life
Giving your car voice commands is nothing new. Most every car maker lets you do it. But having a conversation? That hasn’t been possible until now – and it’s opening up the potential wide open. Sure you can ask for directions and change your tunes, but that’s just the beginning – and that’s what excites them. Major automakers and in-car technology giants (we’ll tell you who later!) are using and customizing netpeople directly into their products. The opportunity to integrate the car into our daily lives is now limited only by our imagination.
Car Life
Forgot to lock the door on your way to the airport? Just ask netpeople to do it. A smart home is being made a reality. You can change the channel, set a comfortable temperature and navigate the home computer all through conversation. But the big picture is connecting the home to our smartphones and cars. So yes, locking your door from 100 miles away is indeed possible. With netpeople you just have to think it.
Home Life
netpeople: Driven by Everyone
Driven by Everyone

netpeople currently partners with many major brands and services, but the beauty of the platform is that it embraces everyone. See how you can join the netpeople ecosystem.


  • Automotive Brands
  • Smartphone/Tablet Makers
  • Ecommerce Companies
  • Appliance Makers
  • Home Computers & Laptops
  • Aftermarket Audio/Navigation Systems.

Content Providers and Advertisers

  • Shopping Sites
  • Weather Services
  • Group Buy Programs
  • Business Directories
  • Mapping
  • Events
  • Advertisers

Development Partners

  • Software Companies
  • Design Firms
  • network Developers
  • Internet Service Providers

netpeople is creating the next generation of products because of our Service, Content and Development Partners. To share in the potential get in touch with us today.