“A Smart Digital Assistant for Everyone”


The next generation is a smart digital assistant with the intelligence to allow people to have a human-like conversation with any device: computer, smartphone, car and more. netpeople makes this possible by creating an ecosystem where all players involved in the delivery of content and services can play a role in changing how people interact with their devices.


Our cloud-based platform is the vehicle that allows everyone – Service Providers, Content Providers and Developers – to become part of a new conversation with our devices. The netpeople Platform is ready with the technology, applications, content and development tools to deliver a smart digital assistant to any device. For mobile, car, home and beyond, everyone can utilize the platform to create the next generation interface.

Key Features

Ready To Go

netpeople is ready to go out of the box with a wide variety of content and functionality that’s constantly growing.

Preset Agents

netpeople comes with Preset Agents which are like individual concierges programmed with knowledge, like Restaurants, to handle specific content.


netpeople is fully customizable. It can be re-skinned to match your brand or developed with new functionality and content specific to your company.

Client Versatility

netpeople is adaptable and can be integrated into any device. Our cloud platform makes this integration seamless for current and emerging clients.

Smart Difference

Conversation enabled by exclusive technology.


Changing mobile, car and

Try It!

Meet mia, a mobile digital assistant powered by netpeople.